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Boats Lakefront Park photo y Franke Forte photography
Lakefront Park, Cooperstown, NY. Photo by Franke Forte Photography. All work is copyright protected.

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Cooperstown indeed feels like the most special place in the world. The pristine, glimmering nine-mile long Otsego Lake, the refreshing old-fashioned turn-of-the century appeal of Main Street, the well-maintained older Victorian and Colonial homes on picture-perfect leafy streets and the wonderful green rolling hills masterfully framing the magic of the area create a special sense of place. The warm summer days, cool summer nights, crisp chill of fall and all the foliage colors, the blanket of snow gracing the charming village and surrounding farmland, and the laundry-fresh smell of a warmer, rural spring only add to those wonderful feelings of being in Cooperstown.

Additionally, landmarks like the esteemed National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, The Farmers' Museum, Fenimore Art Museum, Glimmerglass Opera and Doubleday Field help make this friendly central New York state location in the heart of peaceful and pure Leatherstocking Country a truly memorable travel destination. We personally return to Cooperstown quite frequently as the four seasons bring optimal meaning to our travel experiences here.

So to no surprise, our family-oriented Web Site is a loving tribute to experiencing a Cooperstown vacation with a mission to create a visit that is "the next best thing to being there" -- that is, a detailed mix of text and photos that brings you into the village from the perspective of visiting travelers.

When building this site, I prioritized writing straight from the heart. There's really no other way, is there? If I don't believe in my own stories, why should the reader? No need to worry about phony writing here, though, folks -- Cooperstown is always on my mind (sounds like a Willie Nelson song!) and I absolutely love to share my stories with you here. It is our happy place where special friendships have been formed and incredible memories made virtually every step of the way. Everything and everyone (with a few exceptions) seems so much more gentler, kinder and slower-paced here.

Cooperstown really hasn't changed much since I first visited in 1972, and that's a good thing. How many cities and towns look anything like they did many years ago? Most feel comprised of strip malls, chain stores, cold and sterile architeture, and too many other generic elements.  Not Cooperstown, as the beauty of the land and the steadfast template of a classic, quaint Upstate New York village largely remain intact.

So relax, take in the breathtaking imagery of our vacation and travel photo essays, and ultimately picture yourself in this truly remarkable New York state village. Cooperstown's old-fashioned charm, family values, high fun quotient, and, also, a commitment to locally-owned businesses make the community a model place to vacation in grand style, raise a family or start a business. It is simply a wonderful place to be. Enjoy your visit to Cooperstown!
Eric and family -
Eric, Joan, Emily and Katie at Otsego Lake.
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