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Why the Fly Creek Cider Mill is an Amazing Cooperstown Area Attraction

Fly Creek Cider Mill food and drinkEver have one of those moments when a favorite travel attraction comes to mind and you long for the days of being back there?

That joyously overwhelming feeling recently overtook me when thinking of the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, N.Y. I thought of the warm and inviting country setting, the relaxing back deck overlooking the creek with all those ducks, the 40 specialty foods in the marketplace, and the outdoor order-at-the-window bakery and restaurant with its delicious comfort foods and baked goods. I reflected on the welcoming staff -- with their names and hometown embedded on their shirts -- treating us like family, as well as co-owner Bill Michaels so pleasantly interacting with the customers while simultaneously working his tail off. We love owners that work as hard as their well-chosen staff!

Ruminations of a big American flag draped over the old main, slightly
Fly Creek Cider Mill Bakery and Restaurant faded but well maintained dark wooden building juxtaposed with colorful window flower beds exemplified pride of country and ownership respectively, while revelation of breathing in fresh, sweet Upstate New York air further augmented the healthy, wholesome feeling here.

Thinking of the historic water-powered cider mill creating the most delicious, freshest apple cider imaginable validated a scene in my mind that the Fly Creek Cider Mill is not your run-of-the-mill travel attraction.

Fly Creek Cider Mill fudgeThe local cheeses, homemade salsas and jams, amazing variety of homemade fudge (orange creamsicle is the best!) and the sampling of many of these specialty food items helped create a strong appetite in my thoughts and a powerful mouthwatering presence in my taste buds (the Mill also make hard ciders and apple wines -- not my cup of tea -- but wildly popular amongst adult customers).
The upstairs shop with a fabulous mix of gifts, souvenirs and Christmas items, the homemade ice cream and blueberry pie, picnicking by the restaurant while listening to pleasingScenic Fly Creek NY recorded folk and country music and the endearing Fly Creek Cider Mill jingle, seeing the kids playing at the outdoor play area, the simple joys of feeding the ducks outside ... well, we could go on and on, but you get the picture: this is an amazing, wonderful slice of  old-fashioned Americana.

Those warm feelings of the Fly Creek Cider Mill intensified the more I thought of this wonderful Cooperstown area attraction. Interesting, since we had only left 15 minutes ago!

The Fly Creek Cider Mill is located at 288 Goose St. in Fly Creek, NY.
Tel. (607) 547-9692
For more information, check out the Fly Creek Cider Mill Facebook Fan Page.

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